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And the new is rolling in…

January 16th, 2013 by JCUadmin in AVN, Johnny Castle

Hey everyone! I hope the new year is treating all of you really great! I know my year so far has been busy, but that’s exactly how I like it so here’s hoping the trend continues!

In addition to working for a bunch of great companies who I appreciate, I have been working hard on my knee rehab so I can get back on the basketball court by February 1. I can’t really put into words how much I have missed playing so it’s going to feel amazing when I beat the odds and am back to playing sooner than my doctor thought I would. Although I have recovered from my knee surgery more quickly than I guess the average patient does, I have only pushed myself to limits that I know I can handle. I haven’t put myself at risk or gone against any doctors orders. I have been sure to be as safe as possible with my rehab because I didn’t wanna aggravate the injury or make it worse. It’s been tough, but I thrive on challenges and have met this one head on.

Besides keeping focused on my February 1st basketball goal, I’ve also taken to adjusting my diet and eating healthier so I can lose some weight. I don’t think I ever realized just how important diet is, but I’m really excited about the results of changing up what I eat combined with my usual workout making me look leaner. Some people have told me that they aren’t sure why I’m trying to drop any weight. For me, working out isn’t just about looking good for what I do, it’s also about feeling good. And I can’t lie, the older I get, the more self conscious I get and I wanna like what I see and like how I feel about my body too. I know we are all our own worst critics but I just felt this was something I had to do, and it’s working out really great. I think I’m looking better, and more important, I’m feeling better. You guys are going to have to let me know if you notice any difference when you watch me in my scenes ūüėČ

I’m also starting off 2013 with some new experiences. Last weekend was my first time going to an industry event. I went to the XBiz awards. I tagged along with Nikki Benz and the 101 Models crew.

And of course, that’s not alcohol I’m drinking. Can’t be dealing with empty calories ūüėČ

I didn’t walk the red carpet though because who would have wanted to take pictures of me by myself?¬†I ran into Allison Moore too!

Speaking of the sweet redhead, you can see her NEXT week on a BRAND NEW SCENE here at my site! Right now, you can check out gorgeous Ana Foxxx who just got added. Some photos, a new scene, and remember to let me know what you guys think so I can know what you guys like to see and do my best to try and give it to you. Oh, and those of you who have been vocal about seeing some solo photoshoots … I heard you and think you should keep checking in with me ūüėČ

This weekend will be another first for me cuz I’m going to the AE Expo and maybe the AVN Awards too. I’m not officially signing for anybody, but if you see me around, please don’t be shy and come say hi! I would love to meet some fans and get some feedback from you guys in person. I have never been to the Expo or AVNs so I’m not really sure what to expect. But something is always going on in Las Vegas and since these events are all new to me, I’m sure I’ll find a way to make it work for me.

Thanks again for sticking around, you guys. I appreciate you more than I let you know. Later!

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Out With The Old…Bring On The New!

December 31st, 2012 by JCUadmin in AVN, Football
Hey everyone! I know, I know its been awhile since I last checked in. But I wanted to at least get a message out to all of you for the New Year!
2012 brought a lot of changes, challenges and even a few ups and downs along the way for me – but as the year comes to an end, I can honestly say everything is ending on a good note. ¬†Work is going great – the past few weeks I’ve literally worked non-stop and I’m grateful to those who continue to hire me on a regular basis – much appreciated! I love what I do and I’m very fortunate to work for some great production companies.
The first part of the year kicked off to a great start as I won my first ever¬†AVN award (Unsung Male Performer Of The Year)! ¬†That was truly an honor.I’m looking forward to attending the event for the first time in a couple of weeks – Vegas is always a fun place!
If you follow me on Twitter (@thejohnnycastle) you know that back in August I had surgery to repair the sports injury to my knee. And I’m happy to report that I’m healing faster and better than what the doctors expected! ¬†I just started running and jumping rope :). ¬†Hopefully I will be back on the basketball court in February. ¬†I will keep ya’ll posted with pics on Twitter.
I just got back from the east coast visiting my family for Thanksgiving and Christmas. ¬†I love family time. ¬†Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because of Football and my favorite food! ¬†It means a lot to me to get back to share time with my family. ¬†Im back home now and I have just a few days to relax before returning to work. I’m going to enjoy riding my new “Xmas bonus” – my Ducati motorcycle that I got this weekend. I love my motorcycles – my addiction!
I hope all of you had a great holiday season. Be sure and keep in touch. ¬†Let me know your questions, comments, ideas for scenes, etc –¬†I want to hear from you! ¬†I appreciate your continued support and wish you a very Happy New Year!

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Home … sick

August 1st, 2012 by JCUadmin in Johnny Castle

well, it wasn’t too long after i last checked in with you guys that i went home to see family. my family is back out east, which is where i grew up. i have to admit, there are times when i regret not getting back there to visit more often. so when i do get out there, i do my best to really take advantage. for me, that isn’t just about relaxing, which IS nice, but it’s also about making sure i touch base with all the people i don’t get to see regularly. old friends at the gym, cousins that always have something going on, and of course, my mom. it’s always good to see everyone. this last trip was 8 days of touching base and enjoying home.

but all good things must come to an end. when i landed back in cali, though, i was totally exhausted (late night plus early flight). and i’ll tell you something, it’s not often i get a chance to surprise myself. you get to where i’m at in life, you pretty much know how everything works. but the day i landed back in cali, totally wiped out, i had a shoot. and i’ll be honest: i was not sure how i was going to pull it off. i mean, all the way up to being on set and it being go time! days like that can get to me, especially cuz i have a tendency to psych myself out, or so i have been told. but here comes that “surprise” factor because i managed to get my mind exactly where it needed to be and i did what i needed to do for the scene. someone even told me afterwards “You killed it today, thanks for making my work so easy. as a director, I don’t see [that] enough, that’s why today was so good,” which was another surprise but reassuring & really appreciated too.

that day & scene started off a 13 day stretch of working¬†every¬†day! i worked every day up until July 27, even working a double on July 26 because i was called in last minute to fill in for someone else. so yeah, 13 days straight! another moment of honesty for you when i say that it was kind of a rough stretch for me. i know there are probably a lot of people who don’t understand a statement like that. i mean, i get to fuck beautiful women for a living and get paid to do it. as i’ve said before, i love what i do so don’t think i’m complaining! i am just saying that even for us in the adult industry, sometimes work actually “becomes” work. a lot of factors play into this: how long you’re on set, if you’re sore, your body getting run down, weather/temperatures on set just to name a few.

then on the 27th, i got sick. whenever i’m sick, people seem surprised by it, and i’m not sure why. despite rumors you may hear, i AM human so i am susceptible to viruses like the flu, which is what i think i got. but i admit that for as often as i am interacting with others and for how many others i interact with? i don’t get sick that often. but when i do, i get hit real hard. my body just shuts down. for me, whatever attacks seems to last for about 24 to 48 hours, at the most. my workout routine and playing lots of basketball, generally keeping active most of the day, helps me not just for work but for when i get sick too cuz my recovery time is usually quick. as soon as i get hit, i get my hands on a z-pak:

and after taking that, i spend my time sleeping the sick off. when i’m sick but not sleeping? i like to watch family guy & beetlejuice from the howard stern show.

i’m almost back at 100% now, though – knock on wood – and back to work this week.

i know i gotta shut up and put up and show you guys that i’m serious about being here. and i know it’s gonna take time for you guys to realize i’m serious about it. but i haven’t heard from any of you in a while so i wanna say again, don’t be afraid to get in touch. you can leave comments on these entries that only i can see and then i can answer them the next time i post. questions, comments, ideas for scenes or photoshoots … i wanna hear whatever you have to say! you help me make sure i have something to post about and i know i need to post to answer you guys so it works!

thank you to everyone who sticks around, to any new fans that might be checking me out and to anyone who visits here. i appreciate all of you guys. late!

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Finally a new post!

July 9th, 2012 by JCUadmin in Johnny Castle, Uncategorized

hey guys sorry for the delay in posts. ¬†i could apologize over and over and try to explain but i don’t think that would detract from the fact that i have been a bad host! ¬†you guys are here to see me and I need to show up!¬† i suck and i am sorry about that. i could promise to be here from now on but actions speak louder than words, right? just know that i appreciate you for checking out what is going on with me. i’m gonna do my best to show that appreciation. one way to do that is to give you all a glimpse into what goes on with me. i am someone who values my privacy but the least i can do for the people who have supported me and helped keep me laid & paid is try and let you in a little bit as to what goes on with me when the camera isn’t on me. just bare with me cuz this is all new for me and i’m sure i’m going to suck at it for a while lol.

Work has been crazy busy… did i say work? ¬†its definitely not work. Every day i get to wake up and have sex with beautiful women from all over the world. ¬†I am firm believer that variety is the spice of life, and man, do i get variety.¬† something else that is keeping what i do fresh and exciting is my site.¬† i started shooting home videos for it. hopefully you guys have watched some of them? ¬†i enjoy shooting these types of scenes because they are real. ¬†i choose who i want to have sex with, they come over and we have a blast! and by the way, those ratings & comment sections are there for a reason. i need to know what you guys think! so rate me, rate the girls and let me know what’s up. if i know what turns YOU on then i can be sure to deliver and keep us all happy and having a good time. I’m super excited about actually putting in the effort and having so much fun doing it too!¬†

OMG i forgot to mention i got an AVN award this year!

that was really cool to see that people actually know who i am. this was such an honor. ¬†who wouldn’t want to be rewarded for what they do! ¬†I’m very flattered.

i know this was short and not very sweet, but just like you, i’m a work in progress. if you know or remember anything about me, let it be that once i start something, i work at it until i excel at it. i will never be blogger of the year, but i’m gonna try my best at just being here and delivering something for you guys. there is a section for comments here on the blog too so you can leave some and only i will see them. that would be where you put your suggestions for me or anything like that. hit me up! i mean it when i tell you guys that i wanna hear from you. if i can figure out how to respond to the comments, i will, or i can try to save them for the next blog and answer that way. actually, that’s not a bad idea cuz that way, at least i know i will have something to write about lol.

speaking of which, on my last entry, MartyGarringer wrote: “Johnny, You have some great watches! Why do you not wear them in your scenes? (Love the Guess and the silver Breitling!)

thank you for watching my scenes, Marty. and for noticing my watches, all the way down to the brands, wow! one reason i don’t wear my watches is because a lot of times on set, lubes have to be used, and i don’t want that shit getting on my watches, or any of my jewelry. plus, being a lefty, when i need to finish a scene, having a heavy ass watch on my jerk off hand makes what i need to do more difficult lol. but again, thanks for noticing and being a fan!

and thanks to all the rest of you for sticking with me for however long you have. i fucking suck at showing you guys just how much i appreciate you, but i really do. if it wasn’t for the support, i wouldn’t be here now, trying to not suck at this blogging shit lol. here’s to my fans, best in the world, and to being better for you. late!

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October 30th, 2011 by JCUadmin in Johnny Castle, Uncategorized

Hey everyone. I finally started tweeting. I’ll admit I was highly against it at first. I have been doing it for about 2 weeks and am getting the hang of it. My twitter is @thejohnnycastle. I expect you guys to follow me. I will feel more popular :). I hope you like the weekly updates. I am always open to suggestions or fantasies witchin reason. I will post more often. Give me suggestions on what to talk about. Later

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Site Is Finally Here!

October 17th, 2011 by JCUadmin in Johnny Castle, Uncategorized

Hey everyone glad you could join my site and my network of friends. ¬†I will be truly dedicated to making this site as great as possible for everyone’s enjoyment. ¬†I have been shooting a bunch of awesome scenes with so many different girls so I’m sure you will find something you like! ¬†I will keep you posted on what I’m doing throughout the week! ¬†If there are any fantasies or any girls you would love to see me with let me know and i will do my absolute best to make it happen! ¬†Talk to you all soon… LATER

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